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What To Say To Someone Going To Rehab

What To Say To Someone Going To Rehab

Do You Know What To Say To Someone Going To Rehab?

When a friend or family member enters a drug rehab facility, it can be an awkward and uncomfortable moment when they go. Do you know what to say to someone going to rehab? It's important that the person you... Read More →

17 Facts about Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine Addiction

Familiarizing Yourself with Ketamine Addiction

In 1999, the US added ketamine to the list of controlled substances. Ketamine is categorized as a dissociative anesthetic. This drug is used in liquid or powdered form as an anesthet... Read More →

Is a 30 Day Inpatient Treatment Program Right for You?

30 Day Inpatient Treatment Program

Do you need something more long-term than a 30 day inpatient treatment program?

While the first step towards overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol is to admit to yourself that you have an addiction, the next step is just as important and can be just as challenging. That next step, of course, is to find the right addiction treatment ... Read More →

Heroin Addiction Symptoms

Heroin Addiction Symptoms

Recognizing the Heroin Addiction Symptoms and The Importance of Getting Help

Heroin is highly addictive opioid substance that many users turn to after discovering the sedative and euphoric feelings produced by other harder-to-get opioid substances. It’s very common for those who abuse prescription pain medications to turn to heroin due ... Read More →

Identifying Common Symptoms of Alcoholism

Symptoms of Alcoholism

What is a Functioning Alcoholic and what are the Symptoms of Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is one of the most common forms of addiction, and it can also be one of the hardest to recover from or identify. This largely has to do with the social acceptance and readily available amounts of alcohol in our everyday life. When you couple these factors ... Read More →

Local Rehab Centers San Antonio

Local rehab centers San Antonio

You can get the help you need to fight addiction at Local rehab centers San Antonio

Do you live in the San Antonio area and are struggling with addiction or know someone who is? Local rehab centers San Antonio feature ways to get help. San Antonio Drug ... Read More →

Help for Drug Addiction San Antonio

Help for Drug Addiction San Antonio

Drug Addiction Detox and Help for Drug Addiction San Antonio

While Texas is commonly cited as a state plagued with the opiate epidemic, rarely do reporters, journalists, and researchers point their lenses at the individual counties that are being ... Read More →

San Antonio Cocaine Drug Treatment

cocaine drug rehab Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant. Chemically processed from the extracts of the leaves of the coca plant that is indigenous to South America, the drug quickly boosts brain activity, producing feelings of euphoria, invincibility and limitless energy. The effects aren't limited to the brain. Cocaine consumption boosts the body's supply of the ... Read More →

San Antonio Percocet Addiction Treatment

percocet addiction treatment San Antonio Percocet addiction treatment is widely available for drug abusers in the area. The oxycodone-acetaminophen formulation sold under the trade name Percocet can be a lifesaver to people who suffer from painful nerve damage, injury or surgery. It spares them endless pain. Most people who are prescribed Percocet easily come off the drug once... Read More →

San Antonio Drug Treatment

san antonio drug treatment Drug addiction can affect every aspect of a person's life, with professional drug treatment often needed in order to get life back on track. The process of drug treatment depends on a number of individual components working together, such as crisis intervention, medical detox, pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, and relapse prevention. San Antonio drug... Read More →